Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tweet Dreams are Made of These

   This week's Flash Fiction Challenge is to write the entire story through social media. I chose Twitter, because it's been a huge platform for online bullying in recent years. Any resemblance between this story and real life events is purely coincidental. Please do enjoy. *NSFW, potential triggers*

Tweet Dreams are Made of These

Samantha Darling   @samanthadarling   June 13
Just played the new Crimesanity XIV game for the PX8. Here's my review: #gamereview, #notafan, #sexismingaming

     NVRCuckolded   @nvrcuckolded   June 13
     How the fuck can you say that? Crimesanity is the most successful gaming franchise in PX history! STFU and get back in the kitchen!

     DeathToMisandry   @deathtomisandry   June 13
     Any REAL gamer knows Crimesanity is awesome, and those are just characters! This isn't real life! Lighten up, bitch!

     Annie Lux   @annielux   June 13
     OMG! She just expressed her opinion about the game! Why so much hostility?

     Bitchesmustdie   @bitchesmustdie   June 13
     If I ever see you, I'll do to you what Sam Stone did to that stuck-up slut in Crimesanity! #showemwhosboss, #bitchesamiright

     Pssystar   @pssystar   June 13
     You think THAT'S hot? Come see me and all my sexy, slutty friends on our NO LIMITS WEBCAM site 18+

     Shecomeshard   @shecomeshard   June 13
     Want to make her come EVERY TIME?!? Then YOU need a bigger, harder cock! Go to!

     Themightyween   @themightyween   June 13
     I'm going to find you and make you pay for what you've done. 

     Stephanie Leigh   @stephlee   June 13
     You guys need to stop! This is beyond inappropriate!

     Dudisms   @dudisms   June 13
     Are you sure you're not subconsciously expressing your sexual frustrations? Give me you're address, and I'll come put a smile on your face.

     BestPUAEver   @bestpuaever   June 13
     Why are U playing games U don't like when U could be getting me off? #itsnotgoingtosuckitself, #betteruseofyourtime

    Broisright   @broisright   June 13
    You're an awful writer and you don't know fuckall about gaming! If you're going to suck, suck this!

    Sluts4U   @sluts4u   June 13
    Is your lady not treating you right? Our girls will do ANYTHING YOU WANT! ANAL! ORAL! 3SOMES! No limits! 18+

    Samantha Darling   @samanthadarling   June 13
    Really, people?!? What I wrote was just a review and a critique. These comments are getting out of hand. #growupalready

    Jonesie   @jonesie   June 13
    Here's a critique of your ugly face!

    Samantha Darling   @samanthadarling   June 13
    @jonesie, that's a really low blow. Do you really think that was necessary?

    Dudisms   @dudisms   June 13
    What's "necessary" is your lips wrapped around my cock! Get on your knees and get to work!

    Bitchesmustdie   @bitchesmustdie   June 13
    Real name and address: Jennifer Logan. 24986 W. Manchester Ln. Paris, TX, 75462

    Samantha Darling   @samanthadarling   June 13
    WTF?!? I'm reporting you for this! You can't post my personal info!

    Bitchesmustdie   @bitchesmustdie   June 13
    I believe I just did. Go ahead, take it down. But it's already out there. And now everyone knows how to find you. 

    Themightyween   @themightyween   June 13
    I already have what I need. Get ready. I'm going to make you scream all night.

    Broisright   @broisright   June 13
    Not if I don't get to her first. I hope you like sloppy seconds, @themightyween!

    Julie Knox   @julieknox   June 13
    This has just gone beyond harassment and into the realm of viable threats. Leave her alone, or I'll call the cops.

    Broisright   @broisright   June 13
    STFU, @julieknox, or you'll be next!

Hailey Mann   @haileymann   June 13
Just saw a kitten doing somersaults in the park! So effing cute! 

    Farting Unicorn retweeted
Snarky Sodas   @snarkysodas   June 13
Why settle for mass-produced beverages when you can enjoy our hand-crafted sodas! No corn syrup or artificial ingredients!

LBN Breaking News   @lbnnews   June 14
A local video game reviewer shot and killed intruders in her home, just hours after threats were made on Twitter.

Samantha Darling   @samanthadarling   June 15
If you're up to date on the news, you know what happened to me. I can't take this any more. I love my fans, but I have to resign. Goodbye.

    Julie Knox   @julieknox   June 15
    No! Don't let them force you out! You made a difference in the lives of so many! #don'tdoit

    Broisright   @broisright   June 13
    Good riddance to dumb bitches! #ftw

    Bitchesmustdie   @bitchesmustdie   June 13
    Bye, felicia!