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The Things They Forgot to Mention in Puberty Class

   This week's Flash Fiction Challenge was to write a 2,000-word story based on another writer's sentence.  There were a lot to choose from, but ultimately, I chose one from mannixk that sparked my interest the most.  WARNING:  Potential triggers.  Also, some parts may even make your eyes bleed -- I made full use of this English-to-text-lingo translator for realism.

The Things They Forgot to Mention in Puberty Class

   On the morning of her thirteenth birthday, the whites of her eyes turned inky black.  She sat in her bed, looking around her hot-pink bedroom walls.
   Suddenly, in a very weird way, it had become abundantly clear to Jessica that her childhood had ended.
   Under the puffy, multicolored floral comforter that brightened up her sunny room, she felt something ... wet!  
   She threw her snuggly, giant-sized Tigger across the room and jerked the covers off of herself.
   Her bright orange bedsheets were soaked with fresh blood.  ... And so were her Spongebob Squarepants pajama shorts.  ... And her favorite white panties with purple polka dots.  ... As well as her inner thighs -- her perfect inner thighs!
   They were all ruined!  It was so freakin' gross!
   She was most upset about her blood-smeared thighs.  She had worked so freakin' hard to achieve that thigh gap that came so easily to all the other girls.  She only kept down one meal a week, and it had to be no more than 200 calories.  No cute guy would ever want anything to do with her if she had nasty, cottage cheese thighs.
   And to see all her hard work covered in menses was like seeing a dog take a piss on an artist's masterpiece.  She felt so dirty.  She had to become clean again.
   Jessica jumped out of bed and, ripping all of her disgusting clothes off, she quickly ran to the shower to cleanse herself of the nastiness that had practically gushed out of her body the night before.
   She scrubbed herself vigorously, as usual, putting extra effort this time on her thighs.  She had to make sure every bit of the menstrual fluid was off of her.
   Her family wasn't there; they went on a camping trip without her.  She had been fighting with them a lot the week before.
   Jessica sank to the shower floor and cried as she thought about how her bitchy step-mother, Jackie, told her they were leaving her behind because no one in the family wanted to be around her.  On her fucking birthday weekend!  Jackie cancelled the party she'd been planning for weeks, and told her they'd all go out to celebrate the next weekend, but only if Jessica could behave herself that following week.  Her dad felt bad for her, and gave her his credit card so she could treat herself.
   She closed her eyes as the warm water poured over her alabaster skin, drenching her raven black hair.  Meanwhile, the same dark magic that obscured the whites of her eyes had progressed, changing her irises from hazel green to jet black, unbeknownst to their owner.  Jessica just sat for a minute, hugging her knees tight to her chest to stop her stomach from growling.
   I can't eat today, she thought.  I have to be strong.  It wouldn't be time to eat for at least three more days.
   Jessica stepped out of the shower and toweled off.  Thankfully, her mother had plenty of tampons, and she learned in Puberty Class how to use them.  She remembered back to the illustrations and teacher's instructions:  Relax.  Squat.  Insert slowly.
   Still, it hurt a little going in.  She took a deep breath and pushed it in the rest of the way.  She hated the way it felt: this scratchy cylinder of absorbent fibers, so alien in her body.
   She wiped the steam off the bathroom mirror to get a good look at herself.  Her eyes looked really different.  She leaned in closer to get a better look.  They were entirely black.  It was actually ... cool!    I don't know how or what the fuck happened, but this looks really hot, she thought.   She smiled at herself, thinking about how much the other girls in school would envy her.  Suddenly, her stomach growled loudly in an annoying disruption to her self admiration.
   To get her mind off of eating, she decided to clean and redecorate her room.  It was time to leave all that little girl shit behind.  She had been meaning to do this for a long time, and she wasn't going to put it off any longer.
   She grabbed the biggest garbage bag she could find, then threw her bloodstained comforter, sheets, and clothes away.  She grabbed everything else that made it look like a little kid's room.  The butterfly decals on the wall, the flower-shaped rug, the Care Bear collection on the shelves.  Everything had to go.
   She texted Serena, her bestie -- who happened to be South Dakota's minimum driving age at 14 1/2, and have the ultimate teenage bragging rights with her very own Cadillac Escalade.
   "hA bitch, got NE plans 2day?"
   "Not unLS U count masturbating vigorously 2 pix of Ryan Gosling."
   "SRSLY?!?  U filthy whore!!!"
   "U jst don't undRstNd our luv, cuz you're jst a nasty butt slut!"
   "LOL!  feck u!  cum over alredi!  I wnt 2 go shopping!"
   "k.  b rght ther."
   Jessica finished getting ready, applying her eyeliner extra thick with a wing at the tip to accentuate her new look.  She admired herself in the full-length mirror, nodding approvingly at how her super tiny dress accentuated her super tiny waist.  She especially loved the way her eyes looked, and hoped Lance would notice.
   The doorbell rang, interrupting her train of thought.  Jessica let Serena in, and showed her the new look.
   "Your eyes are all black!  Are those contacts?"
   "Nope.  I woke up like this."
   "So, I just got my first period today.  How's that for a birthday present?"
   "Congrats, you're finally blossoming into a young lady!"
   Jessica threw a decorative pillow at Serena.
   "Fuck off!  You sound just like that Puberty Class teacher!"
   They headed off to the mall to shop for new clothes, and some new digs for Jessica's room.  And, just as predicted, Lance was there.
   He was always exactly wherever she was, like clockwork, every weekend.  And at school, he and his friends spent their free time following Jessica and her friends around.  They watched her every move, and whenever she looked back, they made no attempt to look like they were doing anything else.  Lance never really talked to her; he just leered at her from across the room.
   (To most girls, this would be either really annoying, or creepy, or both.  But Jessica, a textbook narcissist, took this as the ultimate compliment.  It was like she had a fan club, and he was the president.)
   After the desired decorations for her room were acquired, and visits to the requisite tweenage specialty stores were made, Jessica made a point to walk right past Lance and his friends, just to taunt them.  She pretended not to notice them, while fully aware of their gawking eyes.
   Normally, she and Serena would keep walking, then laugh at the dorks once they were out of earshot.  But today was different.  Very different.
   She stopped suddenly, then turned to face him and, with a smile, greeted him for the first time in his life.
   "Hey, don't we have Chem class together?"
   Lance stood for a moment like a deer in headlights.  He gathered himself enough to muster a logical answer to the goddess' question.  He wasn't sure why, but she somehow looked even more beautiful than normal.
   "Yes.  I sit behind you."
   Jessica smiled.  If Picasso had a brilliant gift for painting, she had the same level of brilliance in wrapping barely pubescent boys around her little finger.
   "Serena and I are celebrating my birthday today, because my family's out of town.  I have the house to myself.  All weekend."
   She lingered on the last two words just a little, to make sure Lance got the point.
   "Well, ummm, I don't have any plans for the rest of the day."
   His friends echoed the sentiment, responding in a chorus of teenage awkwardness.
   She exchanged numbers with Lance, looked him in the eye and said, "I'll see you at 5!  You can bring your friends, if you want!"
   Lance looked as if he had just won the lottery.  His excitement betrayed all efforts to look cool for the goddess and her friend.  He would gladly become her acolyte, even if it was only for one night.
  When the got back to her house, Jessica and Serena spent the next few hours painting and redecorating the bedroom.
   Later that night, Lance and his friends arrived.  Jessica ordered pizza (which she herself would not touch), and Serena's had snuck a few liquor bottles from her parents' house.
   They all talked excitedly, and Lance caught Jessica eyeing him hungrily.  She walked toward him, eyes focused solely on his.  Lance felt the bulge in his pants growing, and lowered his plate in attempt to conceal it.
   Jessica grabbed the plate and threw it in the trash in one fowl swoop, eagerly viewing his appreciation of her beauty.  She took his hand and led him to her bedroom, walking at a fast pace past all his gawking friends.
   She pulled him inside, then slammed the door shut.  Taking off her shirt, she revealed two perky breasts, nicely framed by her Victoria's Secret push-up bra, a vision of hot pink satin with scalloped black lace edges and a demure bow in the center.  Her matching thong was just a makeout session away from revealing itself.
   Lance stood nervously, staring at her chest as if it was a profound puzzle to be solved.  Jessica smiled and moved in closer, taking his hands and putting them on her hips.  Exhaling, he wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her, running his hands up and down her back.
   Suddenly, he stopped, and backed away.
   "What's wrong, Lance?  Are you a virgin?"
   Lance stammered.  "Uh ... n-n-no!"
   Jessica grew impatient.
   "Then what the fuck?"
   "Uh, Jessica?  ...  Look at your back in the mirror."
   Jessica turned on the light, backed up to the dresser mirror, and gasped.  Her back looked like something was growing out of it.  She had no fucking clue what it was, but she would do something about it later.
   "I don't know what that is, but let's not worry about that right now."
   "Are you crazy?"
   Jessica shook her head, and to get things back on track, took off her bra.  That was enough to drive Lance -- or any boy for that matter -- to distraction.
   He started to say something, but his hormones intervened and his hands found their way to her breasts.  He started kissing Jessica again, and she pulled him close, pressing her body against his.
   Hunger pangs started up again as she felt her pulse quicken in time with his.  But this time, it wasn't food Jessica was hungry for.
   With a quick motion, she grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back.  The hunger inside her began to satisfy itself.  Lance's weak attempt to call for help came out in a silent scream as his soul was ripped away from his body.  Like a discarded locust shell, there was nothing left of him but an empty, lifeless frame.
   Jessica released her hold and let him fall to the floor like a rag doll.  She tilted her head in curiosity at what remained of her most ardent admirer.
   This strange force inside her that had been awakened by her pubescent changes was fueled and strengthened, and ready to complete the transformation.  Her canine teeth were pushed out by fangs that begged for flesh to tear into.  The raised skin on her back started to break as black feathered wings slowly fanned out to full extension.
   Jessica turned to face herself in the mirror and immediately liked what she saw.  She touched the fangs, feeling their sharp edges nearly pierce her fingers.  She turned to the side, posing, admiring the way her wings accentuated her long legs.
   The hunger pangs still lingered, growing increasingly strong and intense.
   Flipping her perfectly straight black hair, Jessica headed back out to join the party, eager to be worshipped by the poor souls whom she would soon devour.

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This week, Chuck Wendig wanted us to post a picture (but write about one we didn't post).  I hope this one inspires at least one freaky nature-gone-berzerk story.  My childhood was filled with sci-fi stories that were inspired by Hitchcock's "The Birds" -- spiders, ants, lemurs, and pretty much anything that could come in contact with radioactive materials and mutate into a giant threat to humanity.  Please write something based on this that will fuel my nightmares.

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You Filthy Weirdos

   I have a very vivid and filthy imagination, so I decided to weave some fun things into this week's Flash Fiction Challenge, You Filthy Weirdos.   This story is partially inspired by Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" and the movie "Training Day."  WARNING: NSFW, possible triggers, etc.

The Unmentionable Things that Transpire Behind Closed Doors

   She was feeling things she knew she shouldn't feel.  But the way Kyle looked at her, Connie couldn't help it.  She knew there would be repercussions if the authorities at the Human Decency Coalition read her brain scans.
   (Luckily, as an agent of the HDC, she was exempt from the monitoring that was just part of a normal day for regular citizens.  The battery of testing she endured during the hiring process ensured that she was a low risk.)
   The fundamentalist organization known as the Human Decency Coalition, founded in the early 2100s, obliterated any facet of society that caused mankind to wander from the path to Human Perfection.  Defectors were gathered and sent to Moral Correction Camps, where physically grueling labor and a series of brutal beatings were carefully orchestrated to crush their spirits.  After this, they could be integrated back into society as normal, broken human beings.  (The few who refused to assimilate were quietly disposed of.)
   Sex, lust, independent thinking and individuality were systematically snuffed out.  All forms of literature, music and visual media -- as well as the Internet -- were banned from private use.  Entertainment for the masses could only be enjoyed in public spaces, and was carefully chosen to prevent that which could provoke free thinking.
   Citizens who met the rigid requirements to become agents were generously rewarded free room and board, clothing allowances and other perks from the HDC.  And Connie was a shining example of the benefactors of the such generosity.  The authorities fast-tracked her from pencil pusher to field agent within a few months.  She arrived early to begin her new position at the start of the week.
   "Good morning, Connie," Kyle chirped.  "I'm so glad you could be here early.  You're going with me on a ride-along today."
   Connie brimmed with excitement.
   "Now, I have to warn you, you may encounter some things today that challenge your sense of Decency.  Just remember that these are sick individuals who have lost their way and need to return to the path of Righteousness."
   They randomly inspected houses and businesses for any sign of contraband.  After the first few uneventful visits, they made a scandalous discovery.  A house with a nursery had a hidden room behind the crib, obscured by a pink and yellow baby quilt.
   After backup came, Kyle led his fellow agents through a dark tunnel leading to a secret room filled with things Connie didn't even know existed.  Rubber apparatuses shaped like penises!  Leather underpants!  Bottles labeled "lubricant", which was apparently a curious, slippery liquid.
   They had a few more successful raids that day, and Connie was thoroughly exhausted as they returned to the office.
   "Hey, great job today, Connie," Kyle said, offering a handshake.  "I know you're tired.  Let me take you to dinner to celebrate your first day in the field."
   "That sounds great!"
   "Fantastic!  I'll pick you up at your house an hour from now," he said.
   One hour later, Connie heard the doorbell.  She opened the door to see Kyle with a stunning blonde woman with piercing green eyes.
   "Connie, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine, Lynda," Kyle announced.  "She wanted to hang out with us tonight.  I hope that's OK."
   Connie politely nodded.  They shook hands and headed out.
   During dinner, Connie befriended Lynda, careful to show that she was a good sport despite having the third wheel along.  During a few brief moments Lynda would put her hand on Connie's leg while chatting, or lean in just a little closer than Connie was used to.  She appreciated the friendliness, but wasn't sure what to make of Lynda's behavior.
   After dinner, the shuttle ride became a little more interesting.  Kyle revealed that Lynda was his girlfriend, but they weren't exclusive.  Sometimes they were mutually attracted to someone, and all three of them would spend the night together.  Connie was shocked.
   "I'm not sure what to make of this, Kyle," she exclaimed in a wavering voice.  "You know what the authorities will do if they catch you."
   "Connie, Connie, Connie,"  Kyle laughed, flashing a devilishly seductive smile as he shook his head.  "Do you really believe humans are capable of ignoring their libidos, hiding their feelings, suppressing their lusts?"
   Connie looked at him in total confusion, mouth agape.
   "The HDC, Correction Camps, the million-and-one strict rules to maintain the standards of Human Perfection? This is all just a way to control the masses.  We force-feed these fairy tales to them about morality and Human Decency, even dealing severe punishment for giving in to their all-too-human urges.  Being forced to keep those urges down is what keeps the people so pre-occupied that they become easy to control and manipulate,"  Kyle explained, his deep brown eyes penetrating Connie's soul.  He looked at her silently for a moment, until she felt like she was going to burst.  "I have something to show you.  Not only is Lynda my girlfriend, she's the owner of the largest underground brothel in the world."
   Connie's jaw dropped.
   They arrived at an abandoned restaurant on an empty street.  It was a dead zone for the drones, Kyle explained, so there was no danger of brain scanning in this area.  It was also why it was abandoned.
   Lynda opened a secret panel and entered a code, then had her eyeball scanned.  A narrow staircase opened before them.
   As they descended, a parlor came into full view.  Monitors around the room showed images of available escorts.  Lynda opened a side door, and led Kyle and Connie through to a secret passage.  Down the narrow corridor, they could see through one-way mirrors the unmentionable things that transpired behind closed doors.
   In the first room, two women kissed, their tongues dancing as they ran their hands up and down each others' bodies.  The tall, lithe redhead removed her bra to reveal pert, eraser-sized nipples that stood at full attention, as if offering a salute to her partner's gorgeousness.  The curvy blonde cupped the redhead's breasts and lowered her head, alternating between swirling her tongue around the nipples and kissing them sweetly.
   Connie felt herself tingling in ways she never had before.  She bit her lower lip, secretly longing to be in that room.  As her hands found their way to her own breasts, gently massaging and cupping, her breath quickened, and she moaned softly.  She jumped when she felt hot breath on her neck.
   Kyle whispered in her ear, "They're beautiful, aren't they? ...  It's OK to feel what you're feeling right now, honey.  This is perfectly natural."
   She felt like she would pass out at any moment.  He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his body to hers as they watched the women make love to each other.  Kyle showered her neck and shoulders with hot, sweet kisses as the redhead laid the (now fully nude) blonde down on the bed, licking and kissing every inch of her beautiful, elegant body.  The blonde arched her back in response.
   The redhead slid her hands up the blonde's legs, and in one swift motion, grabbed the blonde by the ass and pulled her close.  She knelt down and started kissing the blonde's lower lips.  The blonde used her legs to raise her hips toward the redhead's mouth as she lapped up her partner's juices like a thirsty cat.
   Connie could see the intense pleasure on the blonde's face, which nearly mirrored that which she herself was feeling as Kyle reached his hand up her skirt and massaged her clitoris with his left hand, while cupping her breasts with his right hand and kissing her right neck and shoulder.  As she felt his huge, hard cock pressing against her, she was filled with equal parts anticipation and anxiety.
   "You want me, don't you," Kyle whispered.  "Don't be nervous, hon.  I promise you'll like it.  Just relax, enjoy the show, and let me work my magic."
   Connie moaned and ground her ass against his hips in response.
   Things were now more intense for the lesbians as well.  The blonde was now bucking against the redhead's mouth as she screamed in passion, "Fuck me!  I can't take it any more!  FUCK ME NOW!"
   The redhead was quick and eager to oblige.  She straddled the blonde, grinding herself against the blonde as she lowered her mouth to kiss her.  They moaned together, stroking each other's bodies.
   Kyle leaned in and whispered, "Do you want me to fuck you now, Connie?  I promise you won't regret it."
   Connie moaned softly, then nodded.  "I've never done this before, Kyle."
   "I know.  I'll be gentle."
   Kyle knelt down in front of her, pulling her panties down slowly until they fell to the floor.  He buried his face in her pussy, kissing, licking, sucking.  She grabbed onto the wall for support, careful to not make any noise to reveal their presence.  She bit her lip as he made her come.
   She looked through the one-way mirror again to see the women in a strange position, bumping their crotches together.  "Scissoring," Kyle called it.
   He unzipped his pants to reveal a hard, erect penis that made Connie gasp.  She had never seen one in person.  She wasn't sure how it would even fit inside her.
   "Are they normally that size?"
   "No, honey.  I'm what they call 'well-endowed.'"
   In sudden embarrassment, Connie gasped and turned to see the women still scissoring, but much faster than before.  She gasped in a high pitch as Kyle began to enter her from behind.  It hurt, but at the same time it felt really fucking good.
   It was impossible for Connie to contain herself.  She had never known this intense pleasure in her entire life.  Kyle put his hand over her mouth as her moans turned into screams of ecstasy with each delicious stroke of his beautiful penis.  He chuckled softly into her ear.
   "I take it you're having a good time, honey," Kyle whispered.  She nodded.  After a few intensely satisfying moments, he gave one final thrust, nibbling her ear as they watched the women finish their lovemaking at the same time.
   "I trust you two are enjoying yourselves."
   Connie jumped, then turned in the direction of the voice.  In a panic, she quickly pulled her panties up over her bottom, still moist from the intermingled juices.
   "Lynda," Kyle whispered with a wink.  "How long have you been watching?"
   Lynda laughed softly, smiling slyly.  "Come on, you two.  There's more for Connie to see."
   Connie was still reeling from what she had just experienced when she saw a strange sight in the next room: a woman was on her hands and knees between two men.  At her front, a man grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth.  Her bare ass was in the air, her legs spread wide.  Another man came up and stuck his penis into her asshole, and started thrusting.  Three more men waited their turns, stroking their dicks while they watched the trio in flagrante delicto.
   Connie's eyes grew wide as she watched the woman on her knees, going back and forth between the two men.
   "He's fucking her up the butt!  I didn't know you could do that!"
   "Oh, yes, Connie," Lynda replied.  "Sodomy has been around for a long time, my dear."  She smiled like a cat eying her prey.
   Connie blushed.  "Doesn't that hurt?"
   "Oh, yes!  In the best possible way!  ...  So, do you recognize that woman's face?"
   "I can't exactly see it right now."
   "That's Florenia Jessup, the HDC's head spokesmodel!  She's one of my biggest clients, and she LOVES taking it up the ass!"
    Lynda motioned to the next room, where a group of men writhed together in a tangle of sweaty bodies.  It was a sea of grunting, testosterone, and wandering hands that took Connie's breath away.  She was as confused as she was fascinated.
   Kyle leaned in and whispered, "At least five of these guys are in the upper echelons of the HDC.  They come in through the back door, and keep their faces hidden until they are in the room.  None of them are aware of this secret passageway."
   Connie nodded, and looked to see some of the men coming, their juices spouting into the air, or spilling onto other men.  Some of the participants in this orgy were completely covered in man-juices from an indeterminable number of partners.
   Lynda then led them to a private lounge, where she made drinks for all three of them.  Connie and Kyle sat on an L-shaped sofa, watching Lynda.  She brought the drinks over, then sat on the other side, placing Connie between herself and Kyle.
   Lynda conversed happily with Connie as they enjoyed their drinks, while Kyle looked on.  After a few minutes, he whispered into Connie's ear, "Do you think she's pretty?"
   Connie looked over her shoulder at Kyle.
   "I think she's beautiful,"  Connie shyly replied.
   "I've seen the way you look at her," Kyle said.  "Would you like to kiss my girlfriend?"
   Connie nodded.
   Lynda smiled and leaned in.
   "I think you're beautiful, too, Connie."
   She cupped her hands behind Connie's head and slowly brought her in for a kiss.  Their tongues danced as their hands slowly stroked and caressed each other's bodies.  Lynda pulled the dress over her head to reveal large, firm, rounded breasts that were roughly the size of grapefruits, and the complete absence of panties.  Connie took a second to take in Lynda's beautiful form.
   She responded in kind, slowly removing her shirt, then her bra.  She couldn't remove her skirt quickly enough.  Her panties were still moist from her encounter with Kyle.
   Lynda smiled slyly, then embraced Connie, sliding her hand to Connie's mound and fingering her.
   "I want to fuck you right here," she breathed.  Connie started to go moist with anticipation.  "Kyle can watch, can't he?"
   Connie nodded, then hungrily kissed Lynda, gyrating against her body as she wrapped her arms and legs around her.
   Lynda stuck two fingers inside Connie, gently pushing them in and out as Connie moaned.
   "Now do the same to me," she said.
   Lynda laid down on her back, her hands gripping the side of the sofa for balance.  Connie gently fingerfucked Lynda as she sucked, kissed and licked her breasts.
   "Good, Connie," Lynda whispered.  "Now lick my pussy."
   Connie slid down Lynda's body, hands trailing down to her ass.  She began slowly, gently kissing Lynda's mound.  She slipped her tongue inside, and heard Lynda gasp and smile.  Lynda separated her labia to reveal her glistening ladyparts, and looked deep into Connie's eyes as her tongue ran over her lips.
   Connie lowered her face to take in the fine meal that was before her, when she felt something pressing behind her.
   It was Kyle.  He had gotten so turned on by the show that he wanted to join in.  He caressed her butt cheeks gently, then squeezed them a little firmer
   Lynda whispered in Connie's ear, "Let me make love to you from the front while he fucks you up the ass."
   Connie was taken aback.
   "Baby," Lynda breathed.  "The best orgasm in my life was during anal.  And it was Kyle who gave it to me.  He knows what he's doing, and he's very good at it."
   Connie looked into Lynda's eyes, and kissed her.  She looked back at Kyle, who leaned in to kiss her.  Then, she nodded.
   Lynda kissed Connie again, then, kiss by kiss, made her way down to Connie's breasts, where she teased her nipples with her tongue.
   Connie moaned with excitement, savoring the moment.  Just then, she felt Kyle's finger sliding into her backside.  She gasped, then focused to relax her muscles to allow entry.
   While Kyle fingered her anus, Lynda explored her front side with kisses and gentle strokes of her fingers.  Connie was overwhelmed with pleasure and anticipation.
   Kyle nibbled Connie's ear and whispered, "Are you ready?"
   Connie felt a rush of excitement moving through her body.  She nodded, kissing Kyle passionately.
   As Kyle slowly entered Connie, she moaned from the intense mixture of pleasure and pain. Lynda licked her fingers, then slid them in and out of Connie's vagina to the rhythm of Kyle's thrusting.
   Connie felt like a bolt of electricity was traveling through her body.  She alternated between kissing Lynda and Kyle, her hands gliding over her partners' bodies.  Connie screamed with pleasure, and this time Kyle didn't try to muffle her.  He and Lynda moaned together in a sensual duet of passion, their voices intermingling with the sweet sounds of Connie's screams.
   The three of them collapsed on the couch together, a tangle of exhausted limbs, softly kissing each other and enjoying the sweet release.
   Connie smiled as she thought to herself, Oh yes, I'm really going to like this job.